Raconteur Productions is a Film Production Company based in Nigeria specializing in web series, documentaries, television short films and feature productions. We pride ourselves with attention to detail and the high entertainment factor of our productions with an aim to share modern Nigerian stories with the rest of the world.

Services will include:

  • Pre Production Services This includes story acquisition, script writing, casting, detailed budgeting, location scouting and logistics.
  • Production Facilities – Provide film equipment, crew, and production management
  • Post – Production – Provide services for postproduction including editing, coloring, graphics, digital media, audio.
  • Film Financing – Raise finance for local film and television projects
  • Distribution and Promotion
  • Support – We support international film production companies, producers, directors when shooting in Nigeria
  • Training – We aim to bring forward a new generation of filmmakers by training film crew.


This show targets the growing young professional class in Lagos and humorously tackles the complaints and pressures of life in the fast lane. Womilee is a young professional in Lagos, who’s already jaded and hates his job and his boss and most of all HE HATES MONDAYS


Illo depicts the tragedy of a love that cannot be, in a fight to the death for the hand of a princess. A short film lightly inspired by the Passport of Mallam Ilia and Ivori’s Spoken Word ‘Illo’.


Ever wondered what goes into making of a Nigerian dish, the blood, sweat and the tears  (not necessarily borne by the same person) . Skinny Chef delves into making of African dishes, the styles, shortcuts and the conversation while experimenting with the presentation


A Lagos State taxi driver navigates his way through the lives of his numerous passengers as he seeks answers of his own.